Alarms &Warning Devices


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398010 Buzzer TUR d52mm 12V black     $45.00

RPM switch

The VDO RPM switch can be programmed to switch two negative outputs at desired input frequencies. Variable hysteresis.12/24V, output 5A max. Input 2Hz - 9990Hz.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398032 RPM switch 12/24V 2-9990Hz 2x5A outputs VDO 411101 $368.00


VDOmake point switches are fitted in series between the sender and the gauge. The switch output is used to trigger an alarm. Adjustable setpoint on rising or falling resistance. 2W max.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398042 Alarm switch make point VL 12/24V+ VDO A2C59510886 $236.00

VDO Multifunction Alarm Switches

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398045 Alarm switch multifunction 12/24V VDO 410060 $295.00
398047 Alarm switch x 3 multifunction 12/24V VDO 410061 $399.00

Ohm Range Convertor Module

This module can be used to convert any resistive input to another desired resistive output. Can be used for mismatched sender - gauge combinations, converting single station output to double station, etc.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398050 Convertor Gauge Ohms Range VDO 410.063 $265.00

VDO Low Water Level Alarm

The VDO low water level alarm warns within seconds when the water level falls below the level of the probe. Kit includes ss probe, M14x1,5 adaptor, soldering bush, electronic module, warning light and buzzer.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398060 Alarm low water level kit VDO 12V VDO 410007 $325.00

VDO Signal Amplifier/Dividers

To amplify or divide a 12 or 24V square or sine wave signal input by a selectable ratio of 2, 4, 8 or 16, output 0,7 to 10V square wave.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
398072 Signal Amplifier/Divider VDO 411096 $215.00
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