AGM Batteries


Absorbed Power AGM Batteries

Absorbed Power Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are manufactured in China and have over the years built up a reputation for quality and durability. 2 year exchange warranty. M6 or M8 threaded insert terminals + SAE posts.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140500 Battery ABS AGM12V76Ah570CCA258x168x226+     $273.00
140503 Battery ABS AGM12V105Ah850A305x168x226+     $349.00
140504 Battery ABS AGM12V120Ah850A330x172x221+     $389.00
140506 Battery ABS AGM12V154Ah1000A485x172x240+     $510.00
140507 Battery ABS AGM12V202Ah1200A530x238x236+     $655.00

DEKA AGM Batteries

Deka AGM batteries are made by East Penn, one of the largest and foremost battery manufacturers in the USA. Deka Intimidator batteries are specially designed for starting and marine long deep discharges.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140520 Battery DekaAGM12V55Ah775CCA273x171x212+     $502.00
140522 Battery DekaAGM12V79Ah470CCA276x171x251+     $604.00
140523 Battery DekaAGM12V92Ah580CCA324x171x251+     $682.00
140525 Battery DekaAGM12V105Ah800CA329x171x245+     $768.00
140527 Battery DekaAGM12V198Ah1100A527x216x254+     $1,438.00
140528 Battery DekaAGM12V245Ah1450A527x279x254+     $1,225.00
140529 Battery Deka AGM06V187Ah680A260x181x276+     $784.00

OPTIMA Blue-Top batteries

OPTIMA Blue-Top marine spiral wound Absorbed Glass Matt batteries have superior vibration resistance due to the stability of the tightly wrapped design. Completely sealed, they have extremely low discharge rates.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140530 Battery Optima 12V800CCA50Ah254x175x199+     $372.00
140531 Battery Optima 12V750CCA55Ah254x175x199+     $447.00
140532 Battery Optima12V800CCA66Ah309x173x222h+     $493.00
140533 Battery Optima12V 900CCA75Ah325x165x238+     $550.00


Lifeline Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are manufactured by the leaders in AGM technology, Concord Batteries of the USA. The Lifeline range was specifically designed to meet the harsh marine operating environment.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140539 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 550CCA 43Ah@20+     $532.00
140540 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 745CCA 95Ah@20+     $910.00
140541 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 810CCA 100Ah@20+     $1,020.00
140542 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 550CCA 80Ah@20     $810.00
140543 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 575CCA 100Ah@20     $919.00
140544 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 600CCA 105Ah@20     $964.00
140545 Battery Lifeline GPL31XT 12V650CCA 125Ah     $1,144.00
140546 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 150Ah@20 700CCA     $1,343.00
140547 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 1100CCA 210Ah@20     $1,696.00
140548 Battery Lifeline AGM12V 1350CCA 255Ah@20     $2,048.00
140549 Battery Lifeline AGM06V 760CCA 220Ah@20     $956.00
140550 Battery Lifeline AGM06V 300Ah@20 925CCA     $1,205.00

Neuton Power AGM Batteries

Neuton Power Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are manufactured in China. 1 year exchange warranty. M6 {under 125Ah} or M8 threaded boss terminals.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140560 Battery NEU AGM 12V95Ah 260x168x215+     $270.00
140561 Battery NEU AGM 12V105Ah 307x168x212+     $305.00
140562 Battery NEU AGM 12V125Ah 330x171x214+     $358.00
140563 Battery NEU AGM 12V170Ah 341x172x283+     $477.00
140564 Battery NEU AGM 12V190Ah 480x170x236+     $521.00
140565 Battery NEU AGM 12V230Ah 532x207x220+     $634.00
140567 Battery NEU AGM 12V270Ah 520x268x225+     $795.00
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