Battery Chargers


CTEK 0.8A Battery Trickle Charger

This compact little smart charger is ideal for maintaining batteries in a fully charged condition whilst not in use. Suited to a single small battery of up to 80Ah that has no loads running off it.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130000 Charger battery CTEK 12V 0,8A#     $95.85
130013 Charger battery CTEK M45/12V 0,8/3.6A#     $146.00

CTEK MXS5.0 12V5A Smart Charger

This charger is a low cost smart battery charger that will charge a small battery of up to about 80Ah and keep it in a fully charged condition whilst not in use. Ideal to keep trailer boat batteries in shape.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130002 Charger battery CTEK 12V5A#     $154.00

CTEK MXS10.0 12V10A Smart Battery Charger

The CTEK MXD10.0 is a cost efficient battery charger for batteries of around 100Ah. Leave it plugged in and it will recharge and maintain the battery for years of reliable service.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130004 Charger battery CTEK MXS10.0 12V10Ax1#     $287.00

CTEK cig lighter plug adaptor.

This adaptor allows the battery to be charged via a DIN or cigarette lighter socket in the boat, which is ideal if the battery is difficult to access.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130005 CTEK cig lighter plug adaptor CTEK 56-26     $25.00

CTEK MXS15 12V15A Smart Battery Charger

The CTEK MXS15 is a suitable for batteries of around 150Ah. Leave it plugged in to ensure that the battery is always fully charged.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130006 Charger battery CTEK 12V 15A#     $324.50

CTEK MXS25 smart Battery Charger 12V25A

The CTEK MSX25 is suited to medium sized battery banks of 200Ah to 300Ah. It has one output and is ideally suited for use with the CTEK D250SDUAL series charge regulator 160220.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130007 Charger battery CTEK MXS25 12V25Ax1#     $487.00

CTEK MXT4.0 smart Battery Charger 24V4A

The CTEK MXR4.0 smart battery charger is ideal for trickle charging 24V battery banks.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130008 Charger battery CTEK MXT4.0 24V 4A#     $248.00

CTEK MXT14 24V14A Smart Battery Charger

The CTEK MX14 smart battery charger is suited to charging 24V batteries uo to 150AH, or trickle charging larger banks.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130009 Charger battery CTEK MXT14 24V 14A#     $477.00

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130010 Charger battery VIC BP IP65 12V04A(1)+ Victron Energy BPC120431014R $132.00
130011 Charger battery VIC BP 12V05A 1 output+ Victron Energy BPC120533014R $140.00
130012 Charger battery VIC BP 12V15A 1 output+ Victron Energy BPC012150001 $420.00
130014 Charger battery VIC BP 12V7A 1 output# Victron Energy $143.00
130015 Charger battery VIC BP 12V25A 1 output+ Victron Energy $369.00
130020 Charger battery VIC BP 24V05A 1 output+ Victron Energy BPC024050001 $330.00
130022 Charger battery VIC BP IP67 12V25A(1)+ Victron Energy BPC122513016 $294.30
130024 Charger battery VIC BP 24V12A 1 output+ Victron Energy BPC024080001 $535.00

VICTRON Centaur Battery Chargers

The Centaur Chargers feature fully automatic 3 stage charge characteristics for 3 isolated charge outputs. Select from pre-set programs for different battery types. Limited options, good for standard applications.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130032 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V20A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012020000 $480.00
130033 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V30A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012030000 $679.00
130034 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V40A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012040000 $710.00
130035 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V50A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012050000 $790.00
130036 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V60A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012060000 $890.00
130037 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V80A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH012080000 $1,470.00
130038 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V100A3out+ Victron Energy CCH012100000 $1,890.00
130039 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 12V200A3out+ Victron Energy CCH012200000 $3,790.00
130042 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 24V16A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH024016000 $775.00
130044 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 24V30A 3out+ Victron Energy CCH024030000 $975.00
130045 Charger battery VIC Centaur 24V40Ax3 Victron Energy CCH024040000 $1,390.00
130046 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 24V60A 3out# Victron Energy CCH024060000 $1,395.00
130047 Charger battery VIC CENTAUR 24V80Ax3# Victron Energy CCH024080000 $2,025.00
130048 Charger battery VIC Centaur 24V100Ax3 Victron Energy CCH024100000 $2,900.00

VICTRON Phoenix Battery Chargers

Three stage battery chargers with options for more sophisticated programmability to maximise battery prerformance and durablity.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130053 Charger battery VIC PHOENIX 12V30A 3out+ Victron Energy PCH012030001 $840.00
130055 Charger battery VIC PHOENIX 12V50A 3out+ Victron Energy PCH012050001 $1,125.00

XANTREX Truecharge 2 Battery Chargers

The XANTREX TRUECHARGE2 three stage smart battery chargers are available in three 12V models, rated 20A, 40A and 60A. Auto-ranging AC voltage capability 90 - 265Vac. User friendly battery type selection.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130061 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V20A# Xantrex 804-2270 $516.00
130062 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V40A# Xantrex 804-2470 $691.00
130063 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V60A# Xantrex 804-2670 $1,112.00
130064 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge24V10A# Xantrex 804-2410 $635.00
130065 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge24V20A# Xantrex 804-2420 $715.00
130066 Charger battery XantrexTruecharge24V30A# Xantrex 804-2430 $993.00

Remote control/display Xantrex Truecharge2

This remote mount control/display panel is ideal if the charger is inaccessble and replicates the functions of the panel on the charger.Can link two 40or80A Gen3 only chargers to boost output if required.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130068 Remote control/display Xantrex Truech2# Xantrex 808-8040-01 $189.00

Battery temp sensor for XANTREX Truecharge2

The BTS mounts on a battery terminal post and measures its temperature. It sends information to the charger, which adjusts voltage to help ensure full battery charge depending on the ambient temperature.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130069 Sensor battery T for Xantrex Truecharge# Xantrex 808-0232-01 $50.00

TBS Omnicharge Battery Chargers

TBS Omnicharge battery chargers with advanced 4 stage charging and temperature compensation. 3 battery types or user programmable custom setting. Supplied with temperature sensor. Optional remote panel available.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130070 Charger battery TBS Omnicharge 12V40A #     $825.00
130071 Charger battery TBS Omnicharge 12V60A #     $1,095.00
130072 Charger battery TBS Omnicharge 24V20A #     $925.00
130073 Charger battery TBS Omnicharge 24V30A #     $1,135.00
130074 Remote control panel TBS Omnicharge+     $310.00

PRO MARINER ProSport Battery Chargers

The Pro Mariner ProSport waterproof battery chargers feature 2 selectable charging profiles and a monthly reconditioning cycle.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130075 Charger Battery WP ProSport 6PFC12V6A1 ProMariner 43023 Call for Price
130076 Charger Battery WP ProSport12PFC 12V12A2 ProMariner 43026 $333.00
130077 Charger Battery WP ProSport20PFC12V20A2 ProMariner 43028 $445.00
130078 Charger Battery WP ProSport20PFC12V20A3 ProMariner 43029 $445.00

PRO MARINER Pro Nautic Battery Chargers

The Pro Mariner Pro Nautic battery chargers feature 12 selectable charging profiles and a dual digital display of current and voltage.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130080 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1210 ProMariner 63110 $475.00
130082 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1220 ProMariner 65120 $489.00
130083 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1230 ProMariner 63130 $595.00
130084 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1240 ProMariner 63140 $638.00
130086 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1260 ProMariner 63160 $995.00
130087 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P2420 ProMariner 63160 $655.00
130088 Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P2430 ProMariner 63180 $1,014.00
130089 Remote Control PROMAR PRONAUTIC P ProMariner 63100 $154.00

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DOLPHIN Premium Battery Chargers

Dolphin Premium battery chargers are top quality, full switchmode 3 stage chargers offering continuous charge with precise voltage regulation that can be left unattended indefinitely. Best quality and reliability.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130100 Charger battery Dolphin 12V10A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399000 $390.00
130101 Charger battery Dolphin 12V15A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399010 $477.00
130102 Charger battery Dolphin 12V25A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399020 $602.00
130105 Charger battery Dolphin 12V40A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399030 $939.00
130107 Charger battery Dolphin 12V60A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399050 $1,180.00
130110 Charger battery Dolphin 24V20A 3 output+ Dolphin Chargers 399040 $997.00

DOLPHIN PRO Battery Chargers

Premium Quality Dolphin battery chargers with 3 outlets! Full switch-mode 3 stage chargers offering continuous charge with precise voltage regulation. These float chargers can be left unattended indefinitely.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130150 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 12V70A3+ Dolphin Chargers 399145 $1,805.00
130152 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 12V90A3+ Dolphin Chargers 399150 $2,209.00
130160 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 24V40A+ Dolphin Chargers 399160 $1,747.00
130162 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 24V60A+ Dolphin Chargers 399170 $1,969.00
130163 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 24V80A+ Dolphin Chargers 399177 $2,720.00
130164 Charger battery Dolphin PRO 24V100A+ Dolphin Chargers 399180 $3,518.00

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Battery Temperature Sensor for DOLPHIN PRO Chargers

Battery temperature sensor for Dolphin PRO chargers - optional but its use is strongly recommended. If the sensor is connected, the charger will shut down if the battery is overheating.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130170 Sensor temp for Dolphin PRO chargers+ Dolphin Chargers 299390 $69.00

Touch View Remote Display for DOLPHIN PRO

Remote monitor for Dolphin PRO chargers. 85mm instrument with chrome bezel. TFT screen with white backlighting. Displays A, % current rating, V, charge stage

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130175 Remote control TouchView for DolphinPRO# Dolphin Chargers 399033 $400.00

MASTERVOLT Powercharger Battery Chargers

The Mastervolt Powercharger range of battery smart chargers has all the features of the Chargemaster Series, except that it does not have Masterbus compatibility and the associated features. Great value.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130196 Charger battery MV Powercharger 12V20A+ Mastervolt 44210200 $534.00
130198 Charger battery MV Powercharger 12V40A Mastervolt 44210200 $817.00

MASTERVOLT Chargemaster Battery Chargers

The Mastervolt Chargemaster range of battery smart chargers embody all the features this iconic brand is famous for, at a great value for quality price.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130200 Charger battery MV Chargemaster 12V10A Mastervolt 4410100 $414.00
130202 Charger battery MV Chargemaster12V15A/1 Mastervolt 44010150 $468.00
130204 Charger battery MV Chargemaster12V25A/3 Mastervolt 4401025 $771.00
130206 Charger battery MV Chargemaster12V35A/3# Mastervolt 44010350 $832.00
130208 Charger battery MV Chargemaster12V50A/3# Mastervolt 44010500 $1,086.00
130210 Charger battery MV Chargemaster12V70A/3# Mastervolt 44010700 $1,900.00
130212 Charger batteryMV Chargemaster12V100A/3# Mastervolt 44311000 $2,450.00
130214 Charger battery MV Chargemaster24V6A/1 Mastervolt 44020060 $487.00
130216 Charger battery MV Chargemaster24V12A/3 Mastervolt 44020120 $797.00
130218 Charger battery MV Chargemaster 24V20A# Mastervolt 44020200 $862.00
130220 Charger battery MV Chargemaster 24V30A Mastervolt 44020300 $1,129.00
130222 Charger battery MV Chargemaster 24V40A# Mastervolt 44020400 $1,660.00
130224 Charger battery MV ChargeMaster 24V60A3# Mastervolt 44020600 $1,990.00
130226 Charger battery MV ChargeMaster 24V80A3 Mastervolt 44020800 $2,516.00
130228 Charger battery MV ChargeMaster24V100A3# Mastervolt 44021000 $3,254.00

MASTERVOLT Mass Battery Chargers

Mastervolt MASS battery chargers are the proven choice for uncompromised professional reliability and performance for large battery systems.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
130250 Charger battery MV Mass 12V80A/2# Mastervolt $3,100.00
130256 Charger battery MV Mass 24V15A/2# Mastervolt 40020156 $1,449.00
130258 Charger battery MV Mass 24V25A/2# Mastervolt 40020256 $1,675.00
130260 Charger battery MV Mass 24V50A-2# Mastervolt 40020506 $2,579.00
130264 Charger battery MV Mass 24V/75A/2# Mastervolt 40020756 $3,610.00
130266 Charger battery MV Mass 24V100A-2# Mastervolt 40021006 $4,673.00
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