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VDO Cockpit Vision Voltmeters

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
326000 Voltmeter CPV 08-16V VDO 332010004 $55.00
326001 Voltmeter CPI 08-16V VDO 332030001 $70.00
326002 Voltmeter CPV 18-32V VDO 332020001 $55.00
326003 Voltmeter CPI 18-32V VDO 332040001 $68.00
326005 Voltmeter CPW white 08-16V VDO 332241 $95.00
326007 Voltmeter CPV white 18-32V VDO 332241 $97.00

VDO Cockpit Dual Battery Voltage Indicator

This instrument in a 52mm housing has colour coded bar indicators of battery voltage for two battery banks for a rough indication of battery voltage at a glance. Not adequate for accurate battery management.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
326010 Voltmeter CP Dual indicator 10-18V VDO 332540 $170.00

VDO Viewline Voltmeters

VDO Viewline are state of the art electronic gauges. Fully water and corrosion proof. d52mm cutout, 8 pin connection plug with flyleads supplied, 12/24V. Image shows optional bezel.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
326120 Voltmeter VLB 08-16V VDO A2C59512545 $100.00
326122 Voltmeter VLB 16-32V VDO A2C59512458 $100.00
326125 Voltmeter VLW 08-16V VDO A2C59512546 $100.00
326127 Voltmeter VLW 16-32V VDO A2C59512459 $100.00

VDO Oceanlink CAN Repeater Voltmeters

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
326200 Voltmeter Olink CAN slave 8-16V VDO NO2413066 $170.01
326210 Voltmeter Olink CAN slave 18-32V VDO NO2413058 $170.01
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