Flooded Lead Acid Batteries


Deka Maintenance free Flooded Lead-acid Marine Starting Batteries

Deka Marine Master FLA sealed maintenance free marine starting batteries Designed and made in the USA. Accessible for servicing in the unlikely event of water depletion.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140222 Battery Deka 24M5 MF 12V550CCA+     $247.00
140224 Battery Deka 24M7 MF 12V800CCA     $331.00
140225 Battery Deka 27M6 MF 12V840CCA     $414.00
140226 Battery Deka 904D FLA start 12V1050CCA     $601.00
140227 Battery Deka 708D FLA start 12V1100CCA     $695.00
140228 Battery Deka 908DFT FLAMFsta12V1400CCA+     $833.00

DekaFLA Deep Cycle Batteries

Deka Marine Master deep cycle FLA batteries are quality designed for strength and durability in the marine environment. Whilst generally maintenance free, they can be topped up if required due to unusual circumstances.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140251 Battery Deka DC24 FLA dc 12V75Ah500CCA+     $333.00
140252 Battery Deka DC27 FLA dc 12V90Ah575CCA     $383.00
140253 Battery Deka DC31DT 12V 105Ah 650CCA     $441.00
140254 Battery Deka 8C12 12V 195Ah 53KG 394X     $875.00
140255 Battery Deka 9C12 FLA dc 12V 238Ah     $988.00
140258 Battery Dekal 8C6V FLA dc 6V 330Ah     $820.00
140259 Battery Deka 8L16 FLA dc 6V 370Ah     $864.00

US Battery FLA Deep-Cycle Batteries

The U.S. Battery deep cycle batteries are top quality vented cell batteries, using the latest battery technology, including thicker plates and extra electrolyte. These features extend battery life by 15-20%.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
140262 Battery US27DCXC FLA deepcycle 12V 105Ah     $372.00
140263 Battery US31DCX FLA deep cycle 12V 130Ah     $404.00
140264 Battery US185UT FLA deep cycle 12V 200Ah     $559.00
140265 Battery US8DHC FLA deep cycle 12V 220Ah     $745.00
140266 Battery US2200UT 6V232Ah 260x181x287+     $298.00
140267 Battery US2200UTL 6V232Ah 260x181x275+     $298.00
140268 Battery US305HCUT 6V340Ah 302X181X380+     $595.00
140269 Battery USL16HCUT 6V420Ah     $653.00
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