MAGNASINE Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers

The MS Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding mobile and off grid applications. Powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190340 Inverter-chg MagnaSine 12V 2700W125A#     $3,850.00
190342 Inverter-chg MagnaSine 24V 4100W105A #     $3,600.00
190344 Battery monitor MagnaSine Inverter-chg +     $275.00
190345 Generator Start MagnaSine Inverter-chg +     $465.00

Victron Multi and MultiPlus SW Inverter-chargers

The Victron Multi and MultiPlus inverter chargers are sine wave inverters and a three stage smart chargers in one compact enclosure, with a system that will prevent overload of a limited AC source.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190350 Inverter-chg VIC MPC 12V 800VA700W35A# Victron Energy CMU012801000 $1,355.00
190352 Inverter-chg VIC MPC 12V 1200VA1000W50A+ Victron Energy CMP012122000 $1,920.00
190354 Inverter-chg VIC MPC 12V 1600VA1300W70A+ Victron Energy CMP012162000 $2,300.00
190356 Inverter-chg VIC MP 12V 2000VA1600W80A+ Victron Energy CMP012202200 $2,880.00
190358 Inverter-chg VIC MPC 12V3000VA2500W120A+ Victron Energy PMP12302000 $4,650.00
190370 Inverter-charger VIC M 24V800VA700W16A Victron Energy CMU024801000 $1,460.00
190372 Inverter-chargerVICMP24V1200VA1000W25A Victron Energy CMP241220000 $1,920.00
190374 Inverter-chargerVICMP24V1600VA1300W40A Victron Energy CMP241620000 $2,300.00
190376 Inverter-chargerVICMP24V2000VA1800W60A Victron Energy CMP024202000 $2,880.00
190378 Inverter-charger VIC 24V3000VA-16A 70A+ Victron Energy PMP024302000 $3,572.80
190379 Inverter-charger VIC 24V3000VA-50A 70A# Victron Energy PMP243021000 $3,855.50
190381 Inverter-charger VIC 24V5000VA 120A100A# Victron Energy PMP24/5000/120-100 $4,283.00
190382 Inverter-charger VICQ12V3000VA120/5050A# Victron Energy QUA12/3000/120-50/50 $3,960.00
190383 Inverter-charger VICQ24V5000VA120/ 100A# Victron Energy $4,589.75

Remote Control Panel for Victron Inverter-chargers

Remote control panels for Victron inverter-chargers with 5 m leads.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190390 Remote Inv-chg VIC 12/24V16A nolead# Victron Energy REC020003000 $175.00
190391 Remote Inv-chg VIC 12/24V30A nolead+ Victron Energy REC020004000 $313.00
190392 Remote Inv-chgVIC DUO 12/24V16A nolead+ Victron Energy REC020002200 $575.00
190393 Remote Inv-chgVIC DUO 12/24V30A nolead+ Victron Energy REC020002210 $575.00
190394 Remote Inv-chgVIC digital multi nolead# Victron Energy DMC000100000 $245.00
190395 Lead 5m for VIC remote panels+ Victron Energy ASS03006520 $38.00
190396 Remote VIC Colour Control GX# Victron Energy BPP000300100R $969.00
190397 Lead 15m for VIC remote panels+ Victron Energy ASS030065020 $55.00

MASTERVOLT Mass Combi Inverter-Chargers

Mass Combi are lightweight high frequency inverter chargers that save space, weight & battery power. Integral shore power or generator transfer switch boosting these if required, +seperate high load outputs

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190460 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 12V1600W60A# Mastervolt 36011601 $2,583.00
190462 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 12V2200W100A# Mastervolt 36012200 $3,379.00
190464 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 12V2500W100A# Mastervolt 36012505 $3,930.00
190466 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 12V4000W200A# Mastervolt 36014005 $6,265.00
190470 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 24V1200W35A# Mastervolt 36021205 $2,590.00
190472 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 24V2000W60A# Mastervolt 36022005 $3,675.00
190474 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 24V2500W60A# Mastervolt 36022505 $4,050.00
190476 Inverter-chg MV MassCombi 24V4000W120A# Mastervolt 36024005 $6,420.00
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