TBS Sine Wave Inverters

TBS Powersine inverters feature an advanced microprocessor control system that controls all systems. A toroidal transformer and the microprocessor work together to provide a reliable inverter output under all conditions.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190000 Inverter TBS SW 12V 200W#     $351.00
190001 Inverter TBS SW 12V 300W#     $446.00
190002 Inverter TBS SW 12V 600W#     $797.50
190005 Inverter TBS SW 24V 200W#     $349.00
190006 Inverter TBS SW 24V 350W #     $446.00
190007 Inverter TBS SW 24V 800W#     $818.00
190011 Inverter TBS SW 12V 1600W#     $1,815.00
190016 Inverter TBS SW 24V 1800#     $1,843.00

LATRONICS Small and Medium Inverters

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190020 Inverter Latronics SW 12V-240V 500W#     $790.00
190022 Inverter Latronics SW 12V-240V 1000W#     $1,340.00
190024 Inverter Latronics SW 12-240V 1500W#     $1,695.00
190025 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 600W#     $835.00
190026 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 1200W#     $1,395.00
190029 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 1800W#     $1,825.00

LATRONICS Large and Extra-Large Invereters

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190030 Inverter Latronics SW 12V-240V 2000W#     $2,395.00
190035 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 2300W#     $2,395.00
190037 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 3000W#     $2,895.00
190039 Inverter Latronics SW 24V-240V 4000W#     $3,875.00

Xantrex PROsine Sine Wave Inverters

Offering superior quality true sine wave output, the Prosine inverters are capable of handling multiple AC loads. Compact and light due to high-frequency switching technology. Incl built-in 15 A transfer switch.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190060 Inverter XAN PROsin 12V 1000W&TF switch# Xantrex 806-1074 $1,471.00
190061 Inverter XAN PROsine SW 24V-240V1000W# Xantrex 806-1084 $1,554.00
190062 Inverter XAN PROsine 12V 1800W&TFswitch# Xantrex 806-1874 $1,890.00
190063 Inverter XAN PROsine 24V 1800W&TFswitch# Xantrex 806-1884 $1,890.00

Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 180VA to 750VA

VICTRON Phoenix true sine wave inverters feature pure sinewave output, high peak power and high efficiency. The VICTRON Phoenix inverters are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190120 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 180VA175W# Victron Energy PIN012181100 $250.00
190121 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 350VA300W# Victron Energy PIN012351100 $254.00
190122 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 800VA700W# Victron Energy PIN012651100 $636.00
190130 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 180VA175W# Victron Energy PIN024181100 $198.00
190131 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 350VA300W+ Victron Energy PIN024351100 $254.00
190132 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 800VA/700W# Victron Energy PIN024751100 $636.00

Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 1200VA to 2000VA

VICTRON Phoenix sine wave inverters in compact wall mount enclosures. Available in 1200VA and 1600VA, in both 12V and 24V. Other features as described above.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190144 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V1200VA1000W+ Victron Energy CIN12122000 $1,785.00
190145 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V1600VA1300W+ Victron Energy CIN12162000 $1,815.00
190146 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V2000VA1600W+ Victron Energy CIN12202000 $1,597.00
190154 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V1200VA1000W+ Victron Energy CIN24122000 $1,785.00
190155 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V1600VA1300W+ Victron Energy CIN24162000 $1,815.00
190156 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V2000VA1600W+ Victron Energy CIN24202000 $2,270.00

Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 3000VA to 5000VA

VICTRON Phoenix large sine wave inverters in wall mount enclosures, VE bus enabled. Available in 3000VA to 5000VA. Other features as described for the models above.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190167 Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V3000VA2500W+ Victron Energy PIN12302000 $2,528.00
190177 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V3000VA2500W+ Victron Energy PIN24302000 $2,860.00
190178 Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V5000VA4000W+ Victron Energy PIN24502000 $4,750.00

Remote Control for Victron Phoenix Inverters

The Phoenix Inverter Control panel features remote display of inverter functions for installations where the inverter is not easily accessible. For Phoenix inverters of 1200VA and greater.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190179 Remote VIC inverters12/24V1600-5000VA# Victron Energy REC030001210 $149.00

MASTERVOLT AC Master Inverters

MASTERVOLT AC Master inverters offer MASTERVOLT quality in a no nonsense package at keenly competitive prices. For technical details on these supreme products see the pdf.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190224 Inverter MV AC Master 12/300+ Mastervolt 28010300 $295.00
190227 Inverter MV AC Master 12/500 Mastervolt 28010500 $424.00
190229 Inverter MV AC Master 24/500 Mastervolt 28020500 $520.00

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190230 Inverter MV Mass Sine 12/800+ Mastervolt $6,270.00
190234 Inverter MV Mass Sine 12/2000+ Mastervolt $2,495.00

MARINCO Sine Wave inverters

MARINCO sine wave invberters offer solid basic quality at an affordable price. For technical details on these inverters see the pdf.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
190242 Inverter MAR 12V/1000W# Mastervolt $776.00
190249 Remote for Inverter MAR 12V/1000&2000W# Mastervolt INVR-1 $776.00
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