Solar Controllers


KEMO 5A Solar Controller

This is a basic, no nonsense controller for use with panels up to 80W. Fit 10A fuse in line to panel. Contains diode.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111000 Controller solar Kemo 6A     $55.00

Morningstar SunGuard Controller

Morningstar's SunGuard is the world's leading single module controller. It combines all the advantages of the SunSaver charging circuit with less packaging to provide an economical controller for small PV systems.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111040 Controller solar MSSunguard SG4 12V4,5A     $55.00

Morningstar SunSaver Controller

Morningstar's SunSaver is the world's leading small solar controller for both professional and consumer applications, including standard features and capabilities not found in any other small PV controller.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111042 Controller solar MSSunsaverSS06 12V6.5A     $103.00
111044 Controller solar MSSunsaverSS10 12V10A+     $130.00
111045 Controller solar MSSunsaverSS1024V10A+     $172.00
111046 Controller solar MSSunsaverSS20L 12V20A     $185.00

Morningstar SunSaver Duo Dual Solar Controller

Morningstars SunSaver Duo is an advanced PWM controller that will charge two separate and isolated batteries at the same time, based on user selectable priorities.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111047 Controller solar MS SS25duo 12V25A+     $199.00
111048 Remote meter MS RM-1     $200.00

Morningstar SunSaver MPPT Solar Controller

Morningstar's SunSaver MPPT solar controller with TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking MPPT battery charger for off-grid PV systems. Rated 15A at 12 or 24V.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111050 Controller solarMSSunsaverMPPT12/24V15A+     $480.00

Morningstar ProStar Solar Controller

Morningstar's ProStar is the world's leading mid-range solar controller for both professional and consumer applications. Battery type selection and optional metering - denoted by M in model no.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111051 Controller solar MS Prostar PS15 15A+     $245.00
111052 Controller solar MS Prostar PS15M 15A+     $230.00
111053 Controller solar MS Prostar PS30 30A+     $245.00
111054 Controller solar MS Prostar PS30M 30A+     $367.85

Morningstar Prostar MPPT Solar Controllers

The ProStar MPPTâ„¢ is a mid-range MPPT solar charge controller that provides maximum power point tracking charging for PV systems up to 1100 W. Available with and without advanced built-in meter.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111055 Controller solar MS PSMPPT 12/24V25A nm+     $641.00
111056 Controller solar MS PSMPPT 12/24V40A nm+     $935.00

Wire Box for MORNINGSTAR Prostar MPPT Controller

Wiring enclosure for close coupling to Prostar MPPT controllers. NB controller shown in image to be ordered seperately.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111059 Controller solar MS PSMPPT wire box+     $92.00

Morningstar TriStar

Morningstar's TriStar is a three-function controller that provides reliable solar battery charging, load control or diversion regulation. It can be used to regulate solar or wind power.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111060 Controller solar MS Tristar TS45 45A+     $377.00
111062 Controller solar MS Tristar TS60 60A+     $499.00

Morningstar Tristar MPPT Solar Controllers

Morningstar's Tristar MPPT Solar Controllers ensure maximum utilisation of the solar energy available from larger solar installations on boats.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111064 Controller solar MS Tristar TS45 MPPT+     $1,044.00
111066 Controller solar MS Tristar TS60 MPPT+     $1,305.00
111067 Temperature Sensor all Morningstar     $85.00
113063 Controller solar MS Tristar TS30 MPPT+     $680.00

PLASMATRONICS Dingo Solar Controller

Australian designed four stage solar controller with LED display. Rated for 20A charge and optional 20A load control. 12V or 24V. Too many features to mention, see pdf for details.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111072 Controller solar PLASMATRONICS Dingo 20A     $335.00

Plasmatronics PL Series solar controllers

The sophisticated Australian Plasmatronics PL Series solar controllers can operate as series switching, PWM or shunt regulators and feature full metering and data logging capabilities.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111074 Controller solar Plasmatronics PL20+     $380.00
111076 Controller solar Plasmatronics PL40+     $485.00
111078 Controller solar Plasmatronics PL60+     $860.00

VICTRON PWM PRO Solar Controller

VICTRON ENERGY Pulse WIdth Modulated programmable controller

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
111095 Controller solar VIC PWM-PRO, 12V 30W+ Victron Energy $299.00
111100 Controller solar VIC MPPT75V10A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $170.00
111102 Controller solar VIC MPPT 75V15A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $195.00
111103 Controller solar VIC MPPT100V15A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $175.00
111104 Controller solar VIC MPPT100V30A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $430.00
111105 Controller solar VIC MPPT100V50A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $612.00
111106 Controller solar VIC MPPT150V35A 12/24V+ Victron Energy $447.00
111107 Controller solar VIC MPPBT100V30A12/24V+ Victron Energy $350.00
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