Solar Panels


Enerdrive Solar Panels

The Enerdrive framed glass solar panels present great value for money for quality panels with full Australian backup. Available from 10 to 80W in Mono and 150W in Poly-Chrystalline.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
110090 Solar Panel Enerdrive 12V10W 305mmx305mm     $60.00
110092 Solar Panel Enerdrive 12V20W 350mmx541mm     $120.00
110095 Solar Panel Enerdrive 12V55W 840mmx541mm     $220.00
110096 Solar Panel Enerdrive 12V100W1195x541mm+     $233.00
110097 Solar Panel Enerdrive12V80W 890X680mm+     $295.00
110098 Solar Panel Enerdrive12V150W 1482X676mm+     $375.00
110099 Solar Panel Enerdrive43V200W 1580X800mm+     $425.00

MC4 Solar Waterproof Plugs

The MC4 plugs used on our solar panels have an IP rating of 67 to ensure a waterproof and secure electrical connection. Use these plugs on your cables to connect to the panels.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
110910 Plug PV MC4 IP67 2,5-4mm2     $7.50
110912 Socket PV MC4 IP67 2,5-4mm     $7.50
110914 Plug & socket PV MC4 IP67 2,5-4mm²     $12.00
110915 Connector PV MC4 parallel panel Y pair     $25.00
110918 Solar Y connector PV MC4 IP67 pos FFM     $25.00
110919 Solar Y connector PV MC4 IP67 NEG MMF     $25.00
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