Speed and Depth Gauges


WEMA GPS Speedometer

The WEMA GPS Speedometer comes complete with a small plug in GPS antenna that makes installation a breeze. No more through hull or transom transducers. Also displays compass heading. d85mm cutout.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
330150 Speedometer WEM GPS d85mm 15kn bk/bk + Wema $390.00
330152 Speedometer WEM GPS d85mm 30kn bk/bk + Wema $390.00
330154 Speedometer WEM GPS d85mm 60kn bk/ss + Wema $390.00


Image shows optional bezel.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
331120 Sumlog VLB 85mm 12kn 12/24V VDO A2C59512404 $560.00
331122 Sumlog VLB 85mm 50kn 12/24V VDO A2C59512405 $560.00
331124 Sumlog VLB 85mm 60MPH 12/24V VDO A2C59512406 $560.00
331126 Sumlog VLW 85mm 12kn 12/24V VDO A2C59514255 $560.00
331127 Sumlog VLW 85mm 50kn 12/24V VDO A2C59512408 $560.00

AIRMAR Transom Mount Transducer for VDO Viewline SUMLOG

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
331260 SUMLOG Transducer AIRMAR kit 12kntransom VDO 1501120004 Call for Price
331264 SUMLOG Transducer AIRMAR kit 50kntransom VDO X11719000053 $620.00

AIRMAR Through Hull Transducer for VDO Viewline SUMLOG

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
331266 SUMLOG Transducer AIRMAR kit 50knthruhul VDO X11719000058 $620.00
331269 Loom for 50kn Transducers AIRMAR VDO A2C59513503 $65.00

VDO Viewline Depth Indicator

Viewline Depth black or white indicators with LCD indication of water temp, depth, Volts and Clock. Requires through hull or transom triducer and cable, NMEA0183 not incl.

Part No. Description     Price Qty  
332130 Depth Indicator VLB d85mm0-30m 12/24Vbk+ VDO A2C59514247 $370.00
332135 Depth Indicator VLW d85mm0-30m 12/24Vwe+ VDO A2C59514250 $370.00
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