Search Lights

  • JABSCO Remote-Controlled Quartz Spot light
    Powerful JABSCO 135SL 100,000 candlepower halogen sealed beam in - stylish non-corrosive weather resistant thermoplastic housing. Fully motorized clutch and gear unit allows 320 degree rotation and 75 degree vertical sweep. - Dusk-to-dawn piercing light from the 100,000 candlepower halogen beam - Range where - reasonable level of detail can be distinguished - 262 metres - Stylish and practical design is ideal for small to medium sized boats - Non-corrosive, weather resistant white thermoplastic housing - Motorized, long life clutch and gear drive - 320 degree rotation - 75 degree vertical sweep - Supplied complete with remote switch panel - either standard or stylish electronic panel - and 4.5 metre wiring cable
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Light Search 135SL 12V45W standard+ 60020-0000 J60-100
    $469.00 Inc GST
    Light Search 135SL 12V45W electronic # 60020-7014 J60-099
    $548.00 Inc GST
    Light Search 135SL 24V45W electronic + 60020-7015 J60-101
    $567.00 Inc GST
  • JABSCO Chromed Remote-Controlled Quartz Spot lights
    JABSCO remote controlled triple chrome plated brass halogen sealed beam search lights. 450 degress horizontal, 70 degrees vertical sweep.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Light Search JAB chr125mm12V10Aspot/fld+ 62026-4002H J60-109
    $1,295.00 Inc GST