Alternator Regulators

  • BOSCH RE55 External Alternator Regulator
    The Bosch RE55 external alternator regulator is similar to the standard regulators fitted to alternators, but it has a link that can be cut to boost output by 1V to offset losses. Requires negative to case.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Regulator alternator Bosch RE55 1V boost RE55
    $64.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT Alpha Pro III Advanced 3-step Alternator Charge Regulator
    The advanced and powerful Alpha Pro III Alternator Charge Regulator ensures fast and safe charging, protecting both the engine and the batteries. It measures the temperature and the voltage of your batteries to prevent overcharging, keeping them in perfect condition. It also monitors the engine load, thus reducing sound variations, wear and tear. The smart ‘keep alive’ feature solves a common problem causing unreliable tachometer readings. Via MasterBus, it communicates RPM, alternator status and charge status to create intelligent power systems.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Regulator alternator Alpha Pro III MASTERVOLT 45513000 110773
    $631.00 Inc GST
  • Alternator Temperature Sensor for MASTERVOLT Alpha Pro III Regulator
    When using the MASTERVOLT Alpha Pro in combination with non-Mastervolt alternators, this alternator temperature sensor may offer additional protection against over heating.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Alternator temperature sensor for Alpha Pro III regulator MASTERVOLT 41500400 110776
    $41.00 Inc GST
  • Mastervolt Masterbus USB Interface
    Enables reading and configuration of MasterBus systems from a PC. Supplied with USB connection cable, MasterBus cable, MasterBus Terminator and user’s manual. Can power Masterbus from PC. 78mm x 66mm x 32mm IP21.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus USB+ 77030100 110564
    $330.52 Inc GST
    Battery monitor Mastershunt CZone N2k MASTERVOLT 77020115 110551
    $533.28 Inc GST
  • BALMAR ARS5 Smart External Alternator Regulator
    The BALMAR ARS5 Smart External Alternator Regulator is a sophisticated external alternator regulator in a fully waterproof housing. This is a basic version of the MaxCharge regulators with user friendly selection of programs for various the most common battery types. Whilst is does not have the ability to be customised as the MaxCharge regulators do, it is adequate for most normal applications.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Regulator alt BAL ARS-5-H w harness 12V# ARS-5-H B-ARS-5-HC
    $690.00 Inc GST
  • BALMAR MaxCharge Alternator Regulators
    BALMAR MaxCharge regulators have all the features as the ARS5, but in addition allow programming of user specified parameters.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Regulator alt BAL MC614-H w harness 12V+ MC614H
    $695.00 Inc GST
    Regulator alt BAL MC624-H w harness 24V+ MC624H MC624H
    $880.00 Inc GST
  • BALMAR MC-612 DUALH External Alternator Regulator
    This regulator has the same features as the MC-614 above, modified for use with two alternators on one
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Regulator alt BAL MC612DUALH w harn 12V+ MC612DUALH MC612DUALH
    $780.00 Inc GST
  • BALMAR Centrefielder Dual Alternator Controller
    The BALMAR Centrefielder Dual Alternator Controller manages the charging of two alternators each cotrolled by a BALMAR smart regulator.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    BAL Centrefielder2 dual alt controller # CF-2-12/24
    $475.00 Inc GST
  • BALMAR Temperature Sensors
    Fitment of temperature sensors is highly recommended for optimal charging. BALMAR regulators are not supplied with sensors as standard.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Sensor battery T for BALMAR regulator# MC-TS-B
    $105.00 Inc GST
    Sensor alternator T BALMAR regulator+ MC-TS-A
    $84.00 Inc GST