Lamp Holders, Switches & Dimmers

  • interVOLT Electronic Dimmer Modules
    The interVOLT electronic dimmers can control incandescent or LED light circuits using a single momentary push button switch. Additional modules can be slaved for large circuits.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Dimmer interVOLT 16A 12/24V (200/400W) SLD2040DC SLD2040DC
    $140.00 Inc GST
    Dimmer interVOLT 21A 12/24V (250/500W) SLD2550DC SLD2550DC
    $158.00 Inc GST
  • interVOLT Duodim Dual Circuit Dimmer
    The interVOLT dimmer is now available in this dual circuit version that allows dimming of two light circuits from ome unit.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Dimmer interVOLT 16A 12/24V duo 200/400W SLD2040DD SLD2040DD
    $180.00 Inc GST