Lamp Holders, Switches & Dimmers

  • interVOLT SLD Electronic DC Lighting Dimmers
    The interVOLT SLD electronic DC lighting dimmers provide an excellent solution for the dimming of incandescent lamps as well as compatible LED devices. The dimming of onboard lighting in boats, RVs, caravans and coaches at an affordable price has always been an issue. The SLD Series overcomes this with a feature packed design, not only presenting great value, but ensuring reliability, longevity and safety. The SLD range of dimmers include are housed in interVOLT’s unique Mini Series enclosures which are not only stylish but compact, efficient and installer friendly. The single channel range can be paralleled to increase load capability and controlled from a single or multiple momentary switches. A selector switch allows the first dimmer to act as the master device with any subsequent dimmer connected as a slave.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Dimmer interVOLT 16A 12/24V (200/400W) SLD2040DC
    $204.00 Inc GST
    Dimmer interVOLT 21A 12/24V (250/500W) SLD2550DC
    $170.00 Inc GST
  • interVOLT Duodim Two Group Electronic DC Lighting Dimmer
    The interVOLT DuoDim is the two group version of the interVOLT Switchmode Lighting Dimmer range. The innovative DuoDim model is a true two channel dimmer with separate control and monitoring for each circuit which can also be combined [grouped] to form a single circuit dimmer if required. The DuoDim enables two lighting circuits to be separately controlled from one device, for example ceiling lights and reading lights can be separately switched and dimmed from one convenient location.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Dimmer interVOLT 16A 12/24V duo 200/400W SLD2040DD SLD2040DD
    $259.00 Inc GST