Battery Charging DC-DC

  • interVOLT Programmable Voltage Sensing Relays
    The interVOLT Programmable Sensing Relays are fully user programmable sensing relays. They can be used for a host of voltage dependant switching applications, including alarms.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Relay V sensitive programmable 150A 12V PSR12150 PSR12150
    $285.00 Inc GST
    Relay V sensitive programmable 150A 24V PSR24150 PSR24150
    $285.00 Inc GST
  • nterVOLT DCC Pro DC to DC Battery Charger
    The DCC Pro will charge an auxiliary battery from a main battery. Rated 12V 25A continuous, adjustable charging voltages. Incl MPPT solar controller for up to 250W panels and remote dry mount display panel
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger DC interVOLT DCC PRO 12V+ DCC1225ACK-RP DCC1225ACK-RP
    $495.00 Inc GST
    Charger DC interVOLT DCC PROremote only+ DCC1225ARD DCC1225ARD
    $114.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 3m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC3000CTR DCC3000CTR
    $53.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 6m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC6000CTR DCC6000CTR
    $75.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 9m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC9000CTR DCC9000CTR
    $92.00 Inc GST