Isolation TF & Galvanic Protection

  • PROMARINER ProSafe Galvanic Isolators
    The ProSafe FS Series of FailSafe 30 and 60 Amp Galvanic Isolators will interrupt galvanic current flow with other boats at a marina when installed on a boat which is connected to AC Shore Power. This technology maintains AC safety ground and solves the most common forms of corrosion and premature zinc loss within a boats bonding system. In the event of a failure, the ground continuity on-board wwill remain connected to AC Shore Power, thus not compromising safety. Ignition Protected
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Galvanic Isolator PRO ProSafeFS 30A+ 22034 114481
    $692.00 Inc GST
    Galvanic Isolator PRO ProSafeFS 60A+ 22074 114483
    $922.00 Inc GST