Isolation TF & Galvanic Protection

  • VICTRON ENERGY Isolation Transformers
    The VICTRON isolation transformers use torroidal transformers to provide protection against stray galvanic currents. Step up/step down 110V/230V capability if required. NB the frequency is not changed.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Isolation Transformer VIC 230V/115V2000W ITR040202040 ITR040202040
    $857.00 Inc GST
    Isolation Transformer VIC 230V/115V3600W ITR040362040 ITR040362040
    $1,370.00 Inc GST
    Isolation Transformer VIC 230V/115V7000W ITR040702040 ITR040702040
    $1,800.00 Inc GST