Displays & Keypads

CZone displays are the interface between the CZone network and the user. Both touch screens and keypads offer full control of circuits as well as the ability to view important onboard system information, such as tank levels and power levels (for both AC and DC supplies). Designed with the user in mind, the easy-to-use display screens put the control of all components directly at your fingertips. Multiple display interfaces can be used in the same system.

  • CZONE Touch 5 Screen Kit
    The sleek new Touch 5 adds a compact touch screen option to your CZone installation. While offering many of the same features as it's bigger brother the Touch 10, this new display module adds Wifi connectivity as well as the higher specification IPX7 waterproofing. With a super bright widescreen display and the latest capacitive touchscreen technology, this compact unit is perfect for a flybridge or exposed helm position. It also suits smaller vessels where space is at a premium or on larger vessels as a secondary display in an owner's cabin or engine room.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone LCD display TOUCH 5 80-911-0124-00 112800
    $1,734.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Touch 7 Kit
    Introducing the CZone Touch 7. With an excellence 7" IPS LCD panel it can be viewed from any angle. The Touch 7 features all new electronics with the fastest dual core processor ever in a CZone Touch display and built in Wi-Fi connectivity and Ethernet for tablet pairing. Installation is easy with front mount installation and screwless rear access, shallow 35mm mounting depths including cable and a wide 8-32V DC voltage range. The Touch 7 also uses the familiar and easy to use CZone 2.0 User Interface, customizable for any OEM. The Touch 7 is primarily designed for RV applications, and any marine application should be reserved for parts of the vessel that remain dry.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone LCD display TOUCH 7 80-911-0200-00 112792
    $1,840.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Touch 10 Colour Screen Kit
    The gateway to your CZone digital switching and Mastervolt power electronics system has just been transformed by the new 'state of the art' CZone Touch 10. The sleek, attractive screen design will complement the interior of any high-end vessel or recreational vehicle, while offering the very latest generation capacitive touchscreen technology. The high bright display outperforms in sunlight and the improved screen resolution provides a detailed and crisp graphical user interface. All of this has been packaged into an innovative, splash-proof mounting system to provide an outstanding 'human-machine' experience. CZone displays are the interface between the CZone network and the user. They offer full control of circuits as well as the ability to view important onboard system information, such as tank levels and power levels for both AC and DC supplies. Audio and visual alarms with systems diagnostics are also provided. The displays are extremely intuitive to use with simple controls and a menu structure that is easy to follow. The 'modes of operation' feature allows the control of multiple circuits with a single push of a button. For instance, 'night running' mode turns pre-selected lights on to dim levels. These modes can all be configured by the user.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone LCD display TOUCH 10 80-911-0100-00 112799
    $6,018.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Waterproof Keypads
    The CZone Waterproof Keypad range features dimmable RGB circuit backlighting in a robust IPX7 waterproof enclosure and is available in portrait and landscape orientations. Simplify dashboard installations by removing wiring clutter with a single network cable. Front mount installation with a single 52mm hole saw, or rear mount to achieve a flat mount glass dash style look. Keypads ship with a standard label sheet for personalized circuit labeling.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone waterproof keypad 3x2 landscape 80-911-0162-00 112934
    $359.00 Inc GST
    CZone waterproof keypad 2x3 portrait 80-911-0163-00 112932
    $359.00 Inc GST
    CZone waterproof keypad 6x2 landscape 80-911-0165-00 112936
    $500.00 Inc GST
    CZone waterproof keypad 2x6 portrait 80-911-0164-00 112935
    $500.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Smart Harness Waterproof Keypads
    CZone utilizes the industry standard NMEA2000 Network for its communication protocol. The new 2 Module Smart Harness replaces the need for a complete network backbone in a small system, meaning a robust, simpler and more cost-effective installation. The Smart Harness can also be fitted independent to any CZone installation where a small network comprising 2 devices is required.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone smart harness for waterproof keypads 2 module 80-911-0171-00 112938
    $86.00 Inc GST
    CZone smart harness for water proof keypads 3 module 80-911-0172-00 112939
    $136.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Lanel set for CZone Waterproof Keypads
    This label set contains 54 commonly used labels for use on the Waterproof CZone keypads.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone label set for waterproof keypad SET-KEYPAD-1 -
    $32.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterView Read-out
    Remote panel for reading the charge status of your battery charger, including error notifications.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote panel charge status MV Masterview 60 x 65mm 77010050 110688
    $342.00 Inc GST
  • Mastervolt SmartRemote
    The new Mastervolt SmartRemote single-device display is ideal as a remote panel in entry level power systems or as a local device readout in larger systems. It communicates with Mastervolt devices, shows key parameters, allows simple device settings and is fun to use. Checking your batteries, adjusting your shore fuse or controlling your Mastervolt charger/inverter has never been easier. See pdf for list of compatible Mastervolt products. Note that is can only be configured to monitor one device.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote Control panel Mastervolt Smartremote Masterbus/CZone compatible single device display for Combimaster, Mastershunt and MLI Ultra batteries. 72mm x 72mm 30mmD cut d52mm 77010600
    $283.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor
    Controlling your Mastervolt system has never been easier. The EasyView 5 features a sharp, waterproof display which is clearly readable in daylight. Thanks to the colour touchscreen and multi-language menu, the display is a pleasure to operate. Easily customizable favourite pages show all relevant system information at a glance.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote monitor/control MasterVolt EasyView 5+ 77010310 110661
    $696.00 Inc GST