Battery Chargers AC-DC

  • PROMARINER ProSport Generation 3 Waterproof On-Board Battery Chargers
    The ProSport range of battery chargers are fully waterproof. The various models have one, two or three outputs, see descriptions. They incorporate all-digital microprocessor control with LED status indicators. Their energy saving mode resulting in maximum reserve power performance and lower AC power consumption and operating costs. Each ProSport model has 2 digitally selectable charge profiles to choose from with a third high performance AGM HP profile on the ProSport20 Dual and include a once-a-month storage reconditioning mode for extending battery life.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger Battery ProSport 12V6A 1 output ProMariner 44023-ANZ 114589
    $288.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery ProSport 12V12A 2 outputs ProMariner 44026-ANZ 114591
    $369.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery ProSport 12V20A 2 outputs ProMariner 44028-ANZ 114593
    $491.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery ProSport 12V20A 3 outputs ProMariner 44029-ANZ 114595
    $496.00 Inc GST
  • PRO MARINER Pro Nautic Battery Chargers
    The Pro Mariner Pro Nautic battery chargers feature 12 selectable charging profiles and a dual digital display of current and voltage.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1210 63110 114560
    $622.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1220 63120 114562
    $723.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1230 63130 114563
    $884.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1240 63140 114564
    $950.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P1260 63160 - was 114566
    $1,421.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P2420 63170 114567
    $974.00 Inc GST
    Charger Battery PROMAR PRONAUTIC P2430 63180 114568
    $1,524.00 Inc GST
    Temperature sensor spare part for PROMAR PRONAUTIC P 63106 -
    $28.00 Inc GST
  • Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote Control PROMAR PRONAUTIC P 110x70 SM pro20mm, flush pro6 intr 14 cut90x62 tel plug 200mm flylead +6m ext 63100 114569
    $188.00 Inc GST