• CZONE NMEA 2000 Network Bridge Interface Module
    For isolating sections of an NMEA 2000 netwrok to decrease standby current draw. Isolation when bridging between two CAN networks. For expanison of NMEA 2000 network when the maximum node limit for the network has been reached. Once fitted, 40 additional nodes can be added.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone NMEA 2000 Network Bridge Interface 80-911-0057-00 112830
    $570.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE Wireless Interface
    The WI is a digital switching interface module designed to connect your tablet to the CZone or Mastervolt digital switching system. The WI can connect a maximum of 3 devices with its internal Access Point or can interface with other WiFi systems on your vessel. It provides NMEA 2000 and MasterBus networks allowing you to control and monitor your vessels system.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone wireless interface 80-911-0090-00 112806
    $1,853.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE WIFI to Masterbus Connector
    Connector required to join MasterBus network to the CZone Wireless Interface. Usually a MasterBus terminator will be required for the second port.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    MASTERBUS WIFI connector 80-911-0095-00 112808
    $119.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE CZone to MasterBus Bridge Interface Module
    The CZone MasterBus Bridge Interface physically connects the MasterBus and CZone networks together enabling the two networks to communicate and act as one, providing seamless control and monitoring of devices on both networks from either MasterBus or CZone displays.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone MASTERBUS bridge interface 80-911-0072-00 112831
    $586.00 Inc GST
  • CZONE USB CAN Adaptor
    Connects PC to the CZone network for configuration and system set up.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    CZone Adaptor USB CAN BEP CZone 80-911-0044-00 112902
    $884.00 Inc GST
  • Mastervolt MasterBus USB Interface
    The MasterBus USB Interface enables you to read and configure the MasterBus network via your PC.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus USB+ 77030100 110564
    $295.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus Modbus Interface
    The MasterBus Modbus interface can provide all information from the ‘closed’ MasterBus network for other monitoring and operating systems by means of the Modbus protocol.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus ModBus 77030800 110566
    $814.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus AC Master Interface
    The MasterBus AC Master Interface is an addition to our range of MasterBus interfaces, allowing seamless integration of an AC Master inverter into every MasterBus network. Just as all other MasterBus interfaces, the AC Master Interface can be installed on DIN rails or as surface mounting. By adding the AC Master Interface to your installation, you can now control your AC Master inverter via our MasterBus communication network. The AC Master Interface is suitable for all AC Master inverters with a RJ11 serial interface [all 700 W models and up]. A communication cable is included in the delivery.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus AC Master 77032700 110596
    $361.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus Inverter Interface
    The MasterBus Inverter Interface integrates the Mastervolt Mass Sine inverter in a MasterBus network and allows it to be operated and monitored via EasyView 5 or PC.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus Mass Sine Inverter 77030700 110568
    $295.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus Serial Interface
    Connect conventional Mastervolt products to MasterBus. Data becomes permanently available to allow configuration, operation and monitoring via EasyView 5 or PC. Suitable for Masterlink BTM-III, Mac and Magic DC-DC converters.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Serial Interface MASTERVOLT 77030450 110572
    $295.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus NMEA2000 interface
    The MasterBus NMEA2000 Interface provides the Masterbus network with NMEA information, and vice versa.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus NMEA2000 77031800 110574
    $814.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt Digital Input
    Connect up to four switches to the MasterBus network. Delivery includes connection cables.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    MasterVolt Digital Input MasterBus 77030900 110582
    $290.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt Digi
    Switches all AC loads, no matter where they are. Loads up to 6 A can be directly switched, higher loads should be switched via a relay.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Input MasterVolt Digital Masterbus AC 1x6A 77031500 110584
    $290.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt Multipurpose Contact Output
    MasterBus controllable potential-free contact, with alarm notification on the onboard system [low voltage or no AC], usable as CSI alarm contact. This potential-free programmable contact can be customised and programmed to give your MasterBus network unprecedented possibilities. Use it, for example, to control a ventilator, or to operate a generator.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Output MasterVolt Multipurpose contact 77030500 110586
    $244.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus Tank Level Interface
    This interface converts analogue sensor input signals to MasterBus data. Selectable input signals
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface MV Masterbus Tank level 77030300 110588
    $323.00 Inc GST
  • MasterVolt MasterBus Repeater
    Double the maximum length of your MasterBus network.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Repeater MasterVolt MasterBus 77031100 110592
    $623.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT PC-Link -galvanically isolated
    Mastervolt offers a variety of useful MasterAdjust software. This software can be used by the installer or experienced user to accurately align the Mastervolt equipment to its relevant application. Parameters such as voltage, current, switch-off points and charging algorithms are just some of the many options. To use MasterAdjust software, you need a PC-Link as interface between your PC and Mastervolt equipment. The PC-Link can be connected directly to the serial port. The galvanic isolated version prevents possible problems, therefore we recommend this isolated PC-Link.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Interface PC Link MASTERVOLT 21730300 -
    $270.00 Inc GST