Battery Monitors

  • Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Battery monitor BattMan Lite MASTERVOLT 70405060 110670
    $307.00 Inc GST
    Battery monitor BattMan Pro MASTERVOLT 70405070 110672
    $384.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT Masterlink BTM-III Battery Monitor
    The Mastervolt Masterlink BTM-III provides extended information about the status of your batteries. This information includes reading voltage, current, Ah, time remaining and remaining capacity in percentage terms of three independent battery banks. The Masterlink BTM-III has LED indicators for remote monitoring of the battery level. The LCD screen also displays direct online data or historical information. In a single screen the state of charge and the voltage of three battery banks can be shown simultaneously.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Battery monitor Mastervolt Masterlink BTMIII + 70403163
    $705.00 Inc GST