• Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter Victron Sine W ave 12V/240V2000VA+ PIN122200000 PIN122200000
    $1,149.00 Inc GST
  • TBS Sine Wave Inverters
    TBS Powersine inverters feature an advanced microprocessor control system that controls all systems. A toroidal transformer and the microprocessor work together to provide a reliable inverter output under all conditions.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter TBS SW 12V 200W# A200i12 A200i12
    $351.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 12V 300W# A300i12 A300i12
    $446.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 12V 600W# A-600i-12 A-600i-12
    $797.50 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 24V 200W# A-600i-12 A-600i-12
    $349.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 24V 350W # A-750i-24 A-750i-24
    $446.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 24V 800W# A-800i-24 A-800i-24
    $818.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 12V 1600W# A-1600i-12 A-1600i-12
    $1,815.00 Inc GST
    Inverter TBS SW 24V 1800# A-1800i-24 A-1800i-24
    $1,843.00 Inc GST
  • Xantrex PROsine Sine Wave Inverters
    Offering superior quality true sine wave output, the Prosine inverters are capable of handling multiple AC loads. Compact and light due to high-frequency switching technology. Incl built-in 15 A transfer switch.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter XAN PROsin 12V 1000W&TF switch# 806-1074 8061074
    $1,471.00 Inc GST
    Inverter XAN PROsine SW 24V-240V1000W# 806-1084 8061084
    $1,554.00 Inc GST
    Inverter XAN PROsine 12V 1800W&TFswitch# 806-1874 8061874
    $1,890.00 Inc GST
    Inverter XAN PROsine 24V 1800W&TFswitch# 806-1884 8061884
    $1,890.00 Inc GST
  • Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 180VA to 750VA
    VICTRON Phoenix true sine wave inverters feature pure sinewave output, high peak power and high efficiency. The VICTRON Phoenix inverters are suitable for a wide range of applications.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 180VA175W# PIN012181100 PIN012181100 BAI:PI12/180
    $250.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 375VA300W# PIN0123750300 PIN0123750300
    $254.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V 800VA700W# PIN121800300 PIN121800300
    $350.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 180VA175W# PIN024181100 PIN024181100
    $198.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 350VA300W+ PIN024351100 PIN024351100
    $254.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V 800VA/700W# PIN024751100 PIN024751100
    $636.00 Inc GST
  • Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 1200VA to 2000VA
    VICTRON Phoenix sine wave inverters in compact wall mount enclosures. Available in 1200VA and 1600VA, in both 12V and 24V. Other features as described above.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V1200VA1000W+ CIN12122000 CIN12122000
    $1,785.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V1600VA1300W+ CIN12162000 CIN12162000 BAI:PI12/1600
    $1,815.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V2000VA1600W+ CIN122200000 CIN122200000
    $1,597.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V1200VA1000W+ CIN24122000 CIN24122000
    $1,785.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V1600VA1300W+ CIN24162000 CIN24162000
    $1,815.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V2000VA1600W+ CIN24202000 CIN24202000
    $2,270.00 Inc GST
  • Victron Phoenix Sine Wave Inverters 3000VA to 5000VA
    VICTRON Phoenix large sine wave inverters in wall mount enclosures, VE bus enabled. Available in 3000VA to 5000VA. Other features as described for the models above.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter Victron SW 12V/240V3000VA2500W+ PIN123020000 PIN123020000
    $1,830.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V3000VA2500W+ PIN24302000 PIN24302000
    $2,860.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Victron SW 24V/240V5000VA4000W+ PIN24502000 PIN24502000
    $4,750.00 Inc GST
  • Remote Control for Victron Phoenix Inverters
    The Phoenix Inverter Control panel features remote display of inverter functions for installations where the inverter is not easily accessible. For Phoenix inverters of 1200VA and greater.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote VIC inverters12/24V1600-5000VA# REC030001210 REC030001210
    $149.00 Inc GST
    Remote VIC inverter control VE Direct REC040010210R REC040010210R
    $46.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT AC Master Inverters
    Affordable, easy to install sine wave inverters that deliver full output, even under demanding conditions. The pure sine wave technology provides outstanding power quality, ensuring the correct functioning of sensitive equipment. The usage of high frequency switching technology eliminates any annoying humming and buzzing sounds.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter MV AC Master 12/300+ 28010300 110424
    $295.00 Inc GST
    Inverter MV AC Master 12/500 28010500 110427
    $424.00 Inc GST
    Inverter MV AC Master 12/2500 12V 2500W 28012500 110504
    $2,004.00 Inc GST
    Inverter MV AC Master 24V500W+ 28020500 110432
    $520.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT Mass Sine and Mass Sine Ultra Inverters
    Heavy duty pure sine wave inverters with high peak load capcity. The ability to connect multiple units in parallel enables almost any demand toi be met. Optional remote monitors enable monitoring and control of units mounted in inaccessible positions.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter Mass Sine 12/2000+ MASTERVOLT 24012000 110444
    $0.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Mass Sine 24/800+ MASTERVOLT 24020800 110448
    $0.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Mass Sine 24/1500+ MASTERVOLT 24021500 110450
    $0.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Mass Sine 24/2500+ MASTERVOLT 24022500 110452
    $0.00 Inc GST
    Inverter Mass Sine 24/5000+ MASTERVOLT 24095100 110454
    $0.00 Inc GST
  • Marinco Sine Wave Inverters
    Marinco sine wave inverters from 300 watts to 2000 watts are available in 12V and 24V. All models have an Australian 240V outlet. The 2000W model can also be hard wired to loads. Clean, pure sine wave inverter technology that delivers AC power for sensitive onboard devices such as computers and monitors, phone and tablet chargers, TVs and entertainment centres. Low battery alarm and low battery shutdown. Protected against over-current, low voltage, reverse polarity and temperature. Easy to install and operate. An optional remote control panel is available.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Inverter MAR 12V/1000W# 110401
    $776.00 Inc GST
    Remote for Inverter MAR 12V/1000&2000W# INVR-1 110412
    $776.00 Inc GST