Battery Charging DC-DC

  • Battery isolator PROMARINER 1A2B70A
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Battery isolator PPRMARINER 1Alternator 2Batteries 70A 01-70-2
    $165.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator Victron 1A2B 80A BCD000802000 BCD000802000
    $100.00 Inc GST
  • VICTRON ARGO FET Diode Isolators
    The VICTRON Energy ARGO FET diode isolators use FET diodes to limit voltage drop to about 0,1A. Includes contact for alternator excitation.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Battery isolator VIC Argo FET1A2B 100A+ ARG100201020 ARG100201020
    $198.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator VIC Argo FET1A3B 100A+ ARG100301010 ARG100301010 BAI: ARGO1003-FET
    $175.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator VIC Argo FET1A2B 200A+ ARG200201010 ARG200201010 BAI: ARGO2002-FET
    $355.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator VIC Argo FET 1A3B 200A+ ARG200301010 ARG200301010 BAI: ARGO2003-FET
    $399.00 Inc GST
  • MASTERVOLT Battery Mate Mosfet Battery Isolators
    The Battery Mate charge splitters with mosfets instead of diodes ensure negligible voltage drop when charging.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Battery isolator MV fet 1A2B 120A+ 83116025 110810
    $336.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator MV fet 1A3B 120A+ 83116035
    $312.00 Inc GST
    Battery isolator MV mosfetfet 1 Alternator, 3 Batteries 250A alternator or 200A charger+ 83125035 110814
    $447.00 Inc GST
  • Blue Sea Systems Mini Auto Charging Relay
    m-ACR parallels batteries during charging & separate them when not, preventing discharge of the start battery. Dual sense VSR & start disconnect. 12V 65A. 72mmx72x65mmh. 6mm studs. Panel mount d59.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Relay voltage sensitive BS65A12/24V dual 7601 14152557
    $140.00 Inc GST
  • BEP Voltage Sensitive Relay
    Voltage Sensitive Relays parallel two batteries during charging and separate them when no charging is taking place, preventing accidental discharge of the start battery.69mmx69x50mmh
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Relay voltage sensitive 125A12/24Vdualse 710-140A 113668
    $170.00 Inc GST
  • HELLA Voltage Sensitive Relay
    This is the same relay as the BEP DVSR 160045 above, but with Hella branding.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Relay voltage sensitive 125A12/24Vdualse 3099 3099
    $128.00 Inc GST
  • BEP 275A Voltage Sensitive Motor Driven Switch
    The BEP High Current remote operated voltage sensitive switches combine the features of the motor driven battery switches with those of the voltage sensitive relays i.e. VSRs. Rated 275/1250A.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Switch voltage sensitiveBEP 701MDVS 12V+ 701MDVS 113672
    $309.00 Inc GST
    Switch voltagesensitiveBEP 701-MDVS-24V+ 701-MDVS-24V 113680
    $333.00 Inc GST
  • BEP 500A Voltage Sensitive Motor Driven Switch
    The BEP High Current remote operated voltage sensitive switches combine the features of the motor driven battery switches with those of the voltage sensitive relays i.e. VSRs. Rated 500/2500A.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Switch voltagesensi BEP 720MDVSO 12/24V+ 720-MDVSO 114080
    $420.00 Inc GST
  • Remote Switch Panel for BEP Motor Driven VSRs
    This panel has a momentary switch that can be used to manually activate an MDVSR for emergency paralleling or to deactivate the unit. Includes LED indicator. 69x69mm
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Switch panel remote for BEP MDVSR 80-724-0007-00 113545
    $72.00 Inc GST
  • interVOLT EBI Programmable Electronic Battery Isolator
    The inetVOLT EBI programmable electronic battery isolator is a solid state voltage sensitive relay. When it is active it combines two battery banks, so it may have been called a battery combiner. It is a more basic version of the interVOLT PSR shown below. The activation and deactivation thresholds can be programmed, as can be time delays. Dual sensing allows the reverse charging from the secondary to the primary battery where another charging source such as a solar panel is connected to the secondary battery. The EBI has been developed primarily as a cost effective product for vehicles. It is corrosion resistant and can be mounted under vehicle bonnets. It does not have the superior corrosion resistance that the PSR features, and care must be exercised when considering use in higher corrosive environments such as marine applications. It is only available for 12V systems. The EBI can be manually activated to assist when starting with an inadequately charged cranking battery. An optional switch with indicator light is available for this purpose.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Electronic Battery Isolator EBI12100A
    $280.50 Inc GST
  • interVOLT PSR Programmable Voltage sensing Relay
    The PSR is a user adjustable voltage sensing relay. Electrically isolated, non-polarised and bi-directional, features previously unheard of in any other solid state relay devices. Voltage sensing relays have existed in one form or another for many years. They are commonly used to automatically replace the traditional manual process of controlling the charge function between batteries or battery banks, thus eliminating the risk of over/under charging. The innovative design of the interVOLT PSR replaces traditional electro-mechanical relay devices used in 12/24 Volt DC applications by removing all mechanical parts to produce a completely solid state product with a myriad of added features. In short, the PSR is a user adjustable voltage sensing relay in terms of voltage and time delay parameters. It allows the user to choose the voltage they want for switching loads on and off rather than be restricted to settings dictated by manufacturers. The time delay allows the relay to activate only after a user specified time to prevent cyclic [threshold] switching. In addition the PSR is electrically isolated [contact to load], non-polarised and bi-directional, features previously unheard of in any other solid state relay devices. Additionally the PSR has the major benefit of being able to change from normally open or normally closed, all literally, at the touch of a button.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Relay V sensitive programmable 150A 12V PSR12150 PSR12150
    $285.00 Inc GST
    Relay V sensitive programmable 150A 24V PSR24150 PSR24150
    $285.00 Inc GST
  • interVOLT EBI switch/indicator
    This device is a simple combination momentary rocker switch and LED indicator in one compact package.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Illuminated Rocker Switch for Electronic Battery Isolator 12Vdc EBI12RS
    $23.10 Inc GST
  • interVOLT DCC Pro DC to DC battery charger
    The interVOLT DCC Pro is a true 25 Ampere DC to DC battery charger, i.e. it draws power from a primary battery to charge an auxilliary battery. It has selectable charging profiles for four different battery tecnologies, including lithium phosphate. This makes it the ideal choice where btteries of differeing technologies must be charged together, e.g. a Lithium Phosphate battery can be charged from a flooded lead acid battery, so charging systems need not be modified when a new battery technology is added tinto the system. In addition, the DCC Pro is a complete MPPT solar charge controller capable of controling 250 Watts of solar power with up to 30% greater e¬fficiency than a standard PWM regulator, no need for a separate regulator or relay. The DCC Pro is kitted with an interactive, remote mount display for remote monitoring of the auxiliary charging status from both main and solar power charging sources. The remote display is not waterproof and must be mounted in a dry area. DCC Pro Remote Display can accept and monitor two Individual Charging Devices at once! No need to purchase a second display when two auxiliary batteries are used. A 4m long data cable to link the DCC PRO to the remote display is included as standard in the kit. Cables of other lengths are optionally available The DCC Pro is sealed to IP67 standard and can be mounted in the engine bay or on the chassis if fitted to a vehicle. The DCC Pro is capable of temporary submersion in water.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger DC interVOLT DCC PRO 12V+ DCC1225ACK-RP DCC1225ACK-RP
    $495.00 Inc GST
    Charger DC interVOLT DCC PROonly no rem+ DCC1225ACD DCC1225ACD
    $372.00 Inc GST
    Charger DC interVOLT DCC PROremote only+ DCC1225ARD DCC1225ARD
    $114.00 Inc GST
    ISM001A-P ISM001A-P
    $71.50 Inc GST
  • interVOLT Data Cables for DCC PRO
    The Data Cable is the communication link between the Charging Device and the Remote Display. It has a sealed connection at the device end and unsealed connector at the display end. The DCC Pro is supplied with a 4m long cable as part of the kit. The cables below are alternative or replacement cables.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Cable data 3m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC3000CTR
    $53.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 4m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC4000CTR
    $66.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 6m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC6000CTR
    $75.00 Inc GST
    Cable data 9m interVOLT DCCPRO to remote DCC9000CTR DCC9000CTR
    $92.00 Inc GST
  • ENERDRIVE DC2DC Battery Chrgers
    The ENERDRIVE DC2DC battery chargers charge a secondary battery from a primary battery. They also have a second input to an MPPT solar controller intergrated into the unit. Rated 40A.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger battery DC2DC ENE 12V40A+ EN3DC40+ EN3DC40+
    $529.00 Inc GST
    Charger battery DC2DC ENE 24V30A+ EN3DC30-24
    $590.00 Inc GST
  • BALMAR Digital Duo Charge Battery Combiner
    The BALMAR Digital Duo Charge is a current limited series charger. Charging current to the primary battery is tapped off to charge a secondary battery. Four pre-set charging regimes.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Series charger BALMAR Duocharge DDC-12/24 DDC-12/24
    $497.00 Inc GST
  • CTEK D250DUAL Series Regulator
    The CTEK D250DUAL three stage smart series charger will charge a second battery bank ,limited to 20A, by tapping charge flowing to the primary battery. It includes an MPPT solar controler.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Series Regulator CTEK D250DUAL # D250DUAL D250DUAL
    $440.00 Inc GST
  • CTEK SMARTPASS Series Regulator
    The CTEK SMARTPASS is used with the CTEK D250DUAL to allow up to 80A charging currents to the house battery. It also feeds charge fed into the house battery to flow to the start battery.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    $395.00 Inc GST
  • REDARC Series chargers
    REDARC three stage series chargers will charge from any input charge between 12,7V or 9V under load, and 32V. Using a three stage series charger is the best option for ensuring both battery banks are optimally charged.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Series charger REDARC BCDC1220 12V 20A+ BCDC1220
    $450.00 Inc GST
    Series charger REDARC BCDC1240 12V 40A+ BCDC1240
    $450.00 Inc GST
    Series charger REDARC BCDC1240D 12V 40A+ BCDC1240D
    $734.00 Inc GST
  • Diodes
    Diodes, suitable for a multitude of applications where current is required to be able to flow in one direction only.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Diode blocking 9A BPDIODE
    $4.00 Inc GST