Battery Chargers AC-DC

  • Battery temp sensor for XANTREX Truecharge2
    The BTS mounts on a battery terminal post and measures its temperature. It sends information to the charger, which adjusts voltage to help ensure full battery charge depending on the ambient temperature.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Sensor battery T for Xantrex Truecharge# 808-0232-01 808-0232-01
    $50.00 Inc GST
  • Remote control/display Xantrex Truecharge2
    This remote mount control/display panel is ideal if the charger is inaccessble and replicates the functions of the panel on the charger.Can link two 40or80A Gen3 only chargers to boost output if required.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Remote control/display Xantrex Truech2# 808-8040-01 808804001
    $189.00 Inc GST
  • XANTREX Truecharge 2 Battery Chargers
    The XANTREX TRUECHARGE2 three stage smart battery chargers are available in three 12V models, rated 20A, 40A and 60A. Auto-ranging AC voltage capability 90 - 265Vac. User friendly battery type selection.
    Part No. Description Price Quantity
    Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V20A# 804-1220-01
    $655.00 Inc GST
    Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V40A# 804-1240-01
    $864.00 Inc GST
    Charger battery XantrexTruecharge12V60A# 804-1260-01
    $1,276.00 Inc GST
    Charger battery XantrexTruecharge24V20A# 804-2420-01
    $908.00 Inc GST
    Charger battery XantrexTruecharge24V30A# 804-2430-01
    $1,249.00 Inc GST