About Us


aquavolt is a Sydney based specialist provider of marine and RV electrical components. Started in 1988 in Willoughby as Electric Boat Parts, it moved to Roseville Chase, just above the Roseville Bridge, a few years later.

The trading name was changed to aquavolt in 2005 in order to create a more unique identity and for ease of use on the internet.

We strive to deliver excellent customer service, including quick supply, and to give reliable technical advice. If we don't know the answer to your question, we will tell you so, and if possible, try and find out the required information. We will tell you how things are, even if we know that you will not like our answer.

However, we will not expect you to pay a premium for our better service. We strive to be price competitive with our opposition, even if they are the big boating supermarkets. These sell some very ordinary, but also some good quality products. If you want the ordinary stuff on your boat or RV, we will gladly give you their address. But for the good stuff, we will match our competitors on price and always beat them on service!