BEP Gas Detector for two Remote Mount Sensors
BEP Gas Detector for two Remote Mount Sensors
Gas detector for two remote sensors. Supplied with one sensor with 5m long cable. Additional sensor can be ordered separately. Uses microprocessor control to ensure correct sensor sensitivity. Will detect any Hyrdocarbons like petrol vapours, LPG, propane and butane, but not Carbon Monoxide. Audible alarm output. Alarm Sensitivity 20% lower explosive limit 10V-32V, 250mA current draw Dimensions 66.5 x 88 x 17mm. Optional control for remote solenoid shut off valve fitted at the gas bottle, which is controlled by a switch on the panel and will also be shut down when the alarm is triggered.
Part No. Description Price Quantity
Gas Detector 2 chanel with 1 sensor+ 600-GD 113121
$414.00 Inc GST
Gas Detector 2 chanel & switch, 1sensor+ 600-GDL 113122
$457.00 Inc GST